Quality Car Wash in Las Vegas, Nevada

A thorough cleaning job at home would deliver premium results and at the same time save you the fee you would pay at a repair salon or a car wash. The tips we offer here will not only help you clean your automobile as a professional but you will actually be able to do it in your backyard! Here is the best way to approach the task.

First, do not forget to park your car out of direct sunlight. This will give you more time to clean, as the sun rays and the heat dry the surface much faster and this may leave unpleasant spots and stains on the paint.

In case there is dirt on the wheels, you would want to begin with them first. Make sure you give the car breaks enough time to cool down after your last drive – otherwise, the cleaning detergents and the water will evaporate too quickly. This may cause spotting or even distortion of the brake rotors.