car wash   

Express service

If you need a more expedient service but still want your car to look spotless clean, our express option is right up your alley! We employ the most advanced washing equipment in our business and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. For your complete peace of mind we apply only the best soaps and wax materials on the market. Our technicians use lamb’s wool cloths, neo-glide foam or soft-cloth tissues, depending on the treated surface.
The customers are usually required to leave their cars for the duration of the procedure. The whole treatment rarely takes more than fifteen minutes.

Exterior only express

A truly express service for those in a hurry! It will take us less than five minutes to bring the shine and sparkle back to your car! Our washing tunnels are equipped with cutting-edge technology that quickly and effectively removes the dust and stains from any vehicle. The procedure is further boosted by the application of an exclusive selection of waxing materials and soaps. The cars are further treated with neo-glide foam, soft-cloth or lamb’s wool cloth.

Self-Serve Wash

If you feel like you can manage the car wash on your own, we are happy to provide you with all the materials you need for the task:
• Soap
• Rinse
• Thick foaming brush
• Wax sealer
• Foamy wheel cleaner (new service)
• Foamy thrower polish (new service).

Afterhours Washing

You work longer than the regular 9-to-5 office hours? Nothing to worry about – you can still visit us and expect nothing but the best quality of service and customer attention even out of the regular extra hours. We are proud to provide you with some of the most extended service hours in your area!


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